Black Friday Deals!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!! I LOVE turkey and spending time with my family! We had such a nice time together! We even got all of our Christmas shopping finished!! I purchased all of the big gifts online and all I need are just a few little goodies for stocking stuffers. I love to get creative with stocking gifts, so I will need a bit more inspiration to figure out something I can put in the stockings that won't end up in the garbage within a week. I will save that topic for another day. TODAY IS TIME TO MARK DOWN PRICES!!!  I will be running my black Friday sales starting today at 10am to Saturday at 10am (Arizona Mountain Time). Even though some of the sets have already been marked down since midnight, I was not able to get this post up and published until this morning...haha

ONLY from my TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS SHOP... ALL Christmas and Winter graphics sets will be marked down 50%; INCLUDING BUNDLED SETS!!! Click the images below to get the deal!! Remember to leave me some sugar in the feedback section - your feedback helps keep me motivated, thank you!

Want a QUICKER way to see all of the discounted sets?? Click the links below...

Below are just a few of the sets I have marked down 50% off...
My Silly World Holiday Bundle is marked down 50%!! $18  ONLY $9
Individual sets are also marked down 50% off

My Holiday Lights Bundle is marked down 50%!! Normal price for the bundle is $8.00 - today only $4.00!!
Cozy by the Fire $4.50  $2.25!
Rompin' Reindeer Clipart Set  $7.00 $3.50!

$5.00 $2.50!!

$4.00 $2.00!!

Ready for another deal that I have NEVER offered before??  Here it is.... 
My custom blogger designs have been growing in popularity because I offer designs that are completely unique to each and every client. I have never offered discounts on my custom designs because they take a great deal of time and work to complete; however, TODAY.... I am giving every person who orders a CUSTOM BLOGGER DESIGN PACKAGE some FREE GOODIES!!

Every custom blog design order submitted today will receive the following FREE add-ons for a total savings of $170!!!

  • Coordinating Pinterest Hover Image ($20)
  • Social Media Icons with Hover Effect ($45)
  • Coordinating Facebook Page Cover Image ($25)
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Shop Banner ($25)
  • AND... a One-Sided Business Card Design or Custom Profile Picture w/ welcome message ($55)


*****If you accidentally forget to type in Black Friday Deal in the last entry within the order form, you will STILL RECEIVE the FREE goodies*****

Once you complete the order form, you will receive an email from me to confirm your request and set a date in January or February. At this time, I will ask you whether you would like a one sided business card design or custom profile picture. I will also confirm all of the free add-ons that will be included in your design package!!

I am currently booking for JANUARY & FEBRUARY of 2015!! Check the Queue for available spots left!! There are a total of 6 available spots. I book the dates in order as each design request is submitted. 

Visit the following links to find our more about my Custom Blogger Designs or click HERE to submit your order now and reserve your spot!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day shopping and/or cleaning up the mess... tehehe!! Today, I will be staying far away from the kitchen because I have a weight loss goal to lose 30lbs and a pumpkin pie in the refrigerator that keeps calling my name! I did have a piece yesterday... I'm not even gonna lie!! haha 

Turkey Traditions...

I am just stopping in to wish you all a very HAPPY Thanksgiving & hear what some of your traditions are.

We spent most of the day at Costco on Wednesday and I could not believe the crowds of people and the amount of food and decorations there were piled in everyone's carts; including my own. It might seem a bit ridiculous, but I LOVE Thanksgiving. The smell, the jokes, family and our silly traditions.

Tonight as we closed things up and settled in for the night, my husband opened a bottle of sparkling cider and poured a glass for himself and the kids. My kids STILL get so excited to drink the sparkling cider.

 Because it only comes in a case of 6 now.... we decided to open a bottle early just for fun. My daughter {17} , takes a sip from her glass then looks up at me with a smile stretching from one ear to the other... I thought she was sneaking her phone under the table, so I asked her what was so funny. To my delight, she said, "I just LOVE Thanksgiving and I always look forward to the sparkling cider, since we only buy it once a year!"  After that, we all decided to announce the Thanksgiving traditions we each looked forward to every year. I love hanging out with the kids all day, playing games, decorating the house for Christmas and EATING TURKEY!!

 I also LOVE being able to say the word, TOFURKEY without getting an evil eye my way.  In case you have no idea what tofurkey is, it is a turley made from tofu.... GROSS to think about, but funny to say. If you have some stressful guests over for the day, just blurt out the word, tofurkey, and it will immediately lighten the mood - YOU'RE WELCOME!!

I would LOVE to know what your favorite Thanksgiving traditions are!

Before I go, I just want to let you know that I will be announcing HUGE discounts on all of my holiday sets starting at midnight!! All Christmas and winter clipart sets will be marked down 50% off from midnight tonight to midnight Friday night!!!

I will also have some specials for everyone who orders a custom blog design tomorrow. I am currently taking orders for January and February, and there are 5 spots left!! Check back at midnight to see what's included in the custom blogger package Friday special!!

Here is my NEWEST holiday alphabet set!! I am just in LOVE with these letters!! These are already marked down, so feel free to grab these early if you wish. This set took me nearly 100 hours to complete and each letter is hand-drawn and painted by me... I hope these inspire you to create some beautiful gifts, resources or crafts!! I have been getting so much love from Facebook fans and friends over this set and I am so thankful for all of you who use my graphics! I will provide the links below for you all.

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